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The subject of this notice is the website http://www.unikatoy.si. (.eu / .it / .ba / .rs). All contents on this site are property of UNIKA TTI d.o.o., Postojna and are for informational purposes only.

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UNIKA TTI d.o.o. is not responsible for potential damage caused by the using any of our sites at http://www.unikatoy.si (.eu / .it / .ba / .rs).

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Users may use the contents at the web site http://www.unikatoy.si (.eu / .it / .ba / .rs) for their personal use, but without infringing the copyright. Any other use or distribution of these online content without the prior approval of the owner is not permitted.

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We might collect contact information and some personal information about those visitors who would like to get in contact with UNIKA TTI d.o.o. via online form. The sole responsibility for the credibility of the submitted personal information and contact information is taken by the visitors who sent the message. Contact information is used to get in touch with the visitor. By sending us a message via the online form, the sender agrees that the website may send him information messages about new products and other sales promotion, but not more than twice a year. If the visitor does not wish to receive these messages, he / she must respond to the received message with the Subject message "ODJAVA". We do not use personal information and contact information for other purposes and do not disclose them to third parties.

UNIKA TTI d.o.o., january 2018

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